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Experience Peru & Machu Picchu

05 Oct - 12 Oct 2017

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Discover Galapagos aboard Alia

05 Oct - 12 Oct 2017

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Sailing Greece - Athens to Mykonos



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Iconic Peru


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Epic Trans-Siberian Journey


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I just got back from Galapagos which was one of the best trips I have ever been on. I have traveled to more than 50 countries but I can say this trip was in my top 3 trips ever. I used www.lastminutegalapagosdeals.com and they were amazing. As an experienced travel, I contacted approx 30 different sites to compare boats and prices and Last Minute Galapago (LMG) s was the best on all fronts. I do not usually use other people to book my trips and prefer to go direct but Galapagos is a different type of trip and I found it best if not the only option to go through a vendor.

Thank you for organising such a wonderful trip for us, to Quito & Galapagos isl ,both Tania & Jorge were very informative & helpful. We thought the ship Santa Cruise was overpriced & outdated, however the food ,staff & guides were excellent. The wonderful wild life that we saw up close in natural wild surroundings made it a holiday of a lifetime . Thank you both for all you did to make our holiday amazing !

I would like to thank you for arranging our trip of a lifetime.. It was unbelievable We really did not know what to expect. We had heard about the Galapagos but did not realize how beautiful and interesting it was the animals and landscape was absolutely spectacular I took 1800 pictures if you can believe it. The Anahi was a wonderful, comfortable and enjoyable catamaran to be on. We found the bedrooms to be extremely roomy and the public areas (decks and lounge areas) to be usable and friendly. The food was great. We do not know how the chef (Carlos) managed to prepare different meals and desserts every night in that small galley area. But he did and surprised us every night with two different selections.

Luckily we fully recovered the next day and were able to travel and enjoy the cruise in february 10th. The cruise La Pinta exceeded our expectations, both the boat and the beauty of Galapagos islands. Thank you so much for organising. We will recommend you to our friends.

Melissa Kenlay
Federico Parenti
Carol Perlmutter
Natalia Avdeeva