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Terms and Conditions

Please read these in their entirely, they are very important!

The cruise guide from each boat will locate the passengers in the different cabins. It is understood that the payment of this Tour, represents the use of one bed or upper/lower space in one berth, in the double cabins, in no way does it cover the whole cabin, therefore, the individual passenger will accept sharing the cabin with other individual passengers. If the individual passenger decides to buy a double cabin for his own, he will be charged 1.5 times the standard tour price established for his cruise. The calculating basis will depend on the total amount paid to LMGD. In no case will a total refund be allowed. If for any reason, the passenger is located in another yacht of the same category, there will be no refund or claim against LMGD.

Once the tour is purchased, the passenger may cancel it up to 30 days before the Tour begins. If for any reason the passenger wishes to change the departure date it may be done up to 15 days before the Tour begins. If the passenger is not on time at the airport the day assigned, he will lose the total payment of the tour. If the flight is missed for reasons beyond the passengers or our control, the passenger must pay for the transportation required to reach the boat as well as other expenses that may be required in reaching the objective.

In case of cancellation, suspension, or delay of the flight, LMGD will not held responsible for beginning the tour later.

If the passenger is not able to finish the tour because of illness or other personal reasons, LMGD will not refund any amount paid by the passenger.

If for any reason the tour is canceled, the passenger will be totally refunded based on the amount paid to LMGD . LMGD will not be responsible for any amount that does not represent the tour proper.

If for any reason the tour is interrupted and not completed, the proportional part of the remaining days of the cruise will be refunded based on the amount received by the LMGD operator. There will be no total refund unless the tour is totally canceled.

If for any reason the departure date is changed, the passengers will accept the changed date or be refunded the amount paid to LMGD.

LMGD is not responsible for baggage or other losses at the airport or the boat. Cameras, video equipment, diving equipment, jewelry, traveler checks, cash, or any valuable item should be consigned to the Captain advising him of its value.

The Captain is permitted to change the route established, if for any reason he considers it is necessary.

LMGD is not the owner of the boats, it is just an agent between the passenger and the owner of the boats.

When booking-buying the tour, the passenger accepts that LMGD is not responsible for any accident that may result in injury, therefore, the passenger will not sue the company. The individual is responsible for having his own insurance for traveling. The purchase of this tour confirms the passenger has his own insurance against accidents,


Up to 60 days prior to departure, total amount paid will be refunded in full, except for $50 USD per person service charge. 59-30 days prior departure, 50% of the total tour rate will be forfeited. 29 days to the day of departure, the TOTAL tour rate is forfeited.

If cancellation is due to medical reasons of the passenger, a 50% refund will be made upon receipt of authentic medical documentation.

The purchase and payment for this tour, means that of all the above clauses described in this contract are accepted by the passenger

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