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One World Trips Team - Tania Haws

Haws – Chief Executive Officer

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With 20 years of experience in the field, Tania Haws has managed to create the most exquisite vacation packages integrating the best deals across the Galapagos Islands cruises and Ecuador mainland tours, to offer her clients the freshest, fastest services available with the most competitive prices. A graduate from the International University of San Francisco , majoring in finance, Miss Haws has also studied SEO in Atlanta and speaks English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and little French. Her aspirations shifted entirely after discovering her love for travel. She's been to some of the most exotic of places; Niagara Falls, The Red Sea, Machu Pichu, Costa Rica, Roatan, El Angel waterfalls and needless to say the Galapagos Islands are some of her favourites, which eventually lead her to expand her family business at 21 years old. Miss Haws's work ethic has proven to be a major factor contributing to her success; exercising a genuine and attentive approach to her clients, while taking it upon herself to tailor every aspect of her clients' vacations according to their specific needs and general demands. Now 20 years later, Tania Haws is one of the most popular amongst the Galapagos Islands touring industry.

One World Trips Team - Lorin Morar

Morar – Chief Technology Officer

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With over thirthy years of software development experience, I have extensive background in full-cycle product development. The privilege of working in multiple industries (health care, travel, financial systems, oil and gas, wireless applications, gaming, insurance, mobile apps), with a wide variety of tools and technologies (Java, C#, Delphi, ASP.NET, VB, Object Oriented Design & Programming, J2EE, ASP, XML, XAML, Ruby on Rails, PHP, JavaScript, AJAX and more) has provided me with a unique perspective on software architecture, design and development.

One World Trips Team - Cristina Paredes


One World Trips Team - Kenneth Pauletti


Originally from Caxias Do Sul, Brazil, Kenneth was raised on the sunny beaches of Miami. While pursuing his BA in computer engineering he discovered a new found love in travel. Kenneth has spent most of his young life traveling through South America visiting various countries such as Peru, Chile, Ecuador, Brazil, and Argentina. Not to mention he’s an amateur diver with various south and Central American cave dives under his belt. An excellent communicator with over 3 years in the travel industry, he has become an expert on finding the best deals and is committed to bringing those deals to new and returning clients.

One World Trips Team - Ronnie Hunt

Hunt – Explorers Instructor


Ronnie Hunt is a DIR Global Underwater Explorers Instructor (GUE is an affiliate of Woodenville Karst Plain Project or WKPP specialised in cave crossing). An expert diver and worldwide operator, trained by some of the best DIR marine divers and certified by founder of Unified Team Diving (UTD) and former training director at GUE Andrew Georgitisis after seeing his style and introducing WKPP divers to the amazing red sea, Ronnie became the first Egyptian to take the DIR diving course. An adventurer who immediately took interest in the Galapagos cruises and became heavily and crucially involved with Last Minute Galapagos Deals handling everything from dealing with potential clients to communicating the company’s image and services to the publics through various forms of communication.

One World Trips Team - May Mansour

Mansour – Travel Guide


May Mansour is a graduate from Middlesex University in the U.K with a BA in Advertising and Public Relations. One of the key figures within the International Sales Team, also active as an agent at WTM in London, ITB in Berlin and MITT in Russia. May is in charge of the Luxury department and liaises between clients and owners, ensuring all operations within the company are up to standard. A free spirited musician, writer and a traveler herself, her love for the Galapagos Islands has led her to work with Miss Haws, she serves as one of the creative minds racing for innovation to better serve clients and prosper as an agency.

One World Trips Team - Elisa Proano

Proano – Reservations

Elisa Proano studied law at Florida International University (FIU) and has lived in Galapagos since the age of 9. She speaks fluent English, Spanish and Italian, and now resides in Miami after traveling through all the United States. Miss Proano is a great communicator with excellent leadership skills and commitment to Last Minute Galapagos Deals where she operates by guiding groups in the most responsible yet charismatic manner possible. A lover of the islands and of underwater species especially Hammer Sharks, a great swimmer and planner, she dreams to travel to all seven wonders of the world.

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