Urban and rural, ancient and modern, ordinary and extraordinary

In terms of pure convenience, no continent can touch Europe’s diversity. With so many countries, cultures, languages, and varieties of cuisine packed into such a comparatively tiny place, you can spend a week in Europe and experience something wildly different every day. All that variety can be overwhelming, but the secret to getting the most out of Europe is to take it slow. The Old World has stood for centuries, and it’ll all still be here when you’re ready to come back (which, of course, you’ll want to do immediately after getting home.)

Popular countries in Europe

  • Greece

    Blindingly white sugar-cube houses set against the deep, sparkling blue of the Mediterranean, one of the world's great cuisines and some of the most

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  • Italy

    Italians love to surround themselves with beauty, and it shows. A more fitting country could not have been designed by Michelangelo himself: from medieval

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  • Turkey

    Meeting place of the Eastern and Western worlds, Turkey has always been a land of contrasts. Cosmopolitan Istanbul stood at the head of the Byzantine

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  • France

    The world's most popular tourist destination, France's very name conjures up images dripping with romance and bucolic charm. The French

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France, United Kingdom, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Hungary
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Switzerland, Italy, France
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