Middle East

Magic is real, and this is where it comes from

As the birthplace of three of the world’s major religions – Christianity, Islam, and Judaism – there’s something inherently spiritual about North Africa and the Middle East. You can feel it everywhere; in the ancient temples and mosques, in the intoxicating aromas of the bazaars and souks, even in the stunning mountains and red-and-ochre dunescapes that surround cities that have stood since the dawn of time. And while the past is your constant companion in this part of the world, there’s plenty of room to write some history of your own.

Popular destinations in North Africa & the Middle East

  • Egypt

    Few places on Earth can claim the variety, scope and scale of the United States, and its melting pot of influences from around the world

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  • Morocco

    The second-largest country on the planet but ranking a mere 37th in population, Canada is a nation defined by its geography.

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