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Planet Earth: Best enjoyed with others

Group travel is a great way to meet people you otherwise wouldn’t, but sometimes you just want to keep the experience between family and friends, and that’s cool with us. Unlike other travel companies that will only arrange private trips for groups of 12 or more, G Adventures will happily arrange one for a group as small as four.

One World Trips - Private Groups

Go off-the-rack

Select any existing G Adventures departure and block it off for your group’s private use. We’ve been in the adventure travel business for over 20 years and offer a deep roster of trips all over the world, so that means we have hundreds of departures to choose from. (Good luck deciding.)

One World Trips - Private Groups

Go for a tailored fit

Want to personalize your trip to really make it yours?
You can enhance any existing G Adventures itinerary with some great add-ons.
Tack on a few days; upgrade accommodations; add in some fun activities.
Talk to our Private Groups team to learn more about available enhancements.

Why should I book a private group trip?

  • Pick your trip from the hundreds we offer.

  • Make it your own. Any enhancements to add?

  • Call our Private Groups hotline to book.

  • Tell your group the exciting news and celebrate.

Why should I book a private group trip?

  • One World Trips - Private Groups

    Personalized online itineraries

    We provide personalized online itineraries for every single private group departure we build. That means anyone in your group can access your itinerary from anywhere in the world that has an internet connection.

  • One World Trips - Private Groups

    Free name changes

    We know that sometimes things get in the way and somebody in your group can’t join you after all. No sweat. Swap out one group member’s name for a different name at least 45 days before your departure free of charge.*

  • One World Trips - Private Groups

    Book airfare with your trip

    We can book your group members’ airfare, insurance, and trip all at once.
    We work with top international carriers to ensure that you get the best rates, and we’ll find flights that match perfectly with your trip dates.

  • One World Trips - Private Groups

    Zero risk

    Found the perfect date? You may be able to block it off with no money down.
    Now you can arrange any details you need to without worrying your space will be snatched up by someone else.*

  • One World Trips - Private Groups

    Your group, your way

    Our private group trips range in size from four to 22 (and sometimes many more!) Whatever your group size and type, we’ll design inclusions that suit your unique needs, like meals, family activities, photography experts, etc.

  • One World Trips - Private Groups

    Global network

    We have over 20 operations offices around the world and a host of exclusive ships, vehicles, and lodges, meaning we can deliver a complete and holistic G Adventures experience from beginning to end, no matter where you're travelling.

  • One World Trips - Private Groups

    Skilled CEOs

    Every trip comes with an expert Chief Experience Officer (CEO) responsible for enriching the journey, offering local insight, adding unique personal perspective, and generally making each trip the very best it can be.

  • One World Trips - Private Groups

    My Own Date

    We give you the power to choose the departure date that suits your group best. When you maintain as many global offices as we do, you can afford to be this flexible. Dates are based on availability at time of booking.*

  • One World Trips - Private Groups

    Flexible pricing

    Booking a private group departure with G Adventures has some pretty amazing benefits. We can work with any budget, large or small.
    Just tell us how much you’ve got to work with and we’ll take it from there.

* Some restrictions apply.

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