One World Trips - Asia
One World Trips - Asia


Where even “variety” is varied

Asia is a hectic, busy continent that asks a lot from any prospective traveller. Comfort travel makes sure you get as much as you give. Private rides, regional cooking lessons, and comfortable stays in boutique guesthouses, heritage homes, and unconventional accommodations add new depth to places that are already well-steeped in it. Asia is transformative. You’ll never be the same. Promise.

Check out where you’ll check in

Stylish lodgings await wherever your explorations take you. Asia is no exception. Here’s a few examples of the places that make our adventures out here typically atypical.

One World Trips - Dewachen Hotel | Gantey Valley, Bhutan

Dewachen Hotel | Gantey Valley, Bhutan

Just past the village of Gangtey and on the edge of the stunning Black Mountains National Park is the Dewachen Hotel. With rooms heated by iron stove and hot water bags in your bed, you'll relax here in traditional style.

One World Trips - Grand Vikalp Hotel | Delhi, India

Grand Vikalp Hotel | Delhi, India

Glimpse into India’s glorious ancient history from the Grand Vikalp—just a few kilometres away from the National Museum.

One World Trips - Fig Tree Camp | Masai Mara, Kenya

Pung Waan | Kanchanaburi, Thailand

Seclusion is the order of the day at Pung Waan, a stylish little resort hotel far removed from the hustle and bustle of Bangkok. Rooms look out onto either the Kwai Noi River or the hotel’s luxuriant gardens.

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