One World Trips - Travel Styles - Family Asia
One World Trips - Travel Styles - Family Asia

Family Asia

Everything you’ve ever wanted to do (and then some)

Home to 4.3 billion people and 30 percent of the world’s landmass, Asia is big. Really big. And it’s only getting bigger – in the last 100 years, the population has quadrupled! (Good thing there’s so much room.) With so many wonders, cultures, languages, and religions spread over such a wide area, it’s hard to grasp the enormity and diversity of this continent all at once. Which, of course, means you’ll never run out of reasons to come back.

The stuff you’ll do

We’ve got loads of kid-centric activities wherever you and your family may roam. Check out some of the great things your kids will be writing home about.

One World Trips - Family - Asia

Make your own Thai takeout | Thailand

In Chiang Mai, the kids will be trained in the finer points of the local cuisine by an expert chef. (Hint: Always add more spice.)

One World Trips - Family - Asia

Wicked wickets | India

In a small village in Rajasthan, your kids will learn cricket – India’s favourite game – from the local kids and make loads of new friends.

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