One World Trips - Yolo North America
One World Trips - Yolo North America

Yolo North America

Land of the free, and home of the road trip

A continent of breathtaking natural wonders and bustling cities linked up by miles and miles of open highway, North America was tailored for road trips. The diversity afforded on each adventure here simply can’t be topped. Mountains, deserts, canyons, forests, big cities, ghost towns, drive-ins, hole-in-the-wall bars… pick a direction, any direction; you’re guaranteed to find something amazing just down the road.

Roam far, roam free

Built specifically for the value-conscious travellers eager to devour as much of North America as possible. These tours connect this amazing land’s far-flung national parks, sprawling cities, and must-do highlights via the open highway.

One World Trips - Yolo Tours - North America

Speaking of road trips… What’s my ride?

You’ll be cruising down Highway 69 in one of our new, well-equipped vans. They come decked out with a place to charge your electronics, like phones (so you never miss that perfect Instagram shot) and even WIFI! We want your journey to be as comfortable as possible, that’s why we keep the group sizes at around 22 travellers, so everyone gets a little bit of legroom.

One World Trips - Yolo Tours - North America

Who’s driving?

Your two CEOs know these roads and all of its wonderful secrets. A typical day usually consists of six hours of driving by one of our trained CEOs and two to five stops along the way. The second CEO is always there to assist you in any way (and to also provide some on-the-go entertainment. Remember that North America is big, so be prepared for some long drives. (But don’t worry we have a few tricks up our sleeves to make the time pass quickly.)

One World Trips - Yolo Tours - North America

What’s for dinner?

Your CEOs will do the grocery shopping and the meal planning and you’ll help prepare the meals with your fellow travellers. Breakfasts are served buffet-style and lunches usually feature sandwiches, salads, and the odd BBQ. (Yum!)

One World Trips - Yolo Tours - North America

Where will we sleep?

After a long day on the road, you’ll rest your head at one of our chosen hotels or campgrounds. To stretch your dollar, you’ll share a tent with another traveller or a dorm-style hostel room with a few others from the group.

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